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I need God, and I do not need many things; but Him? I need Him daily. I need Christ when my morning is joyful, I need Him when my evenings are mournful. I need Him as I need nothing else, I need Him when I forget, and I need Him when I remember; I shall continue to need Him more, each and everyday, until the end.
T.B. LaBerge // I Need God (via tblaberge)
If I could put all my past lovers and every single person who’s ever hurt me in a room, I would run to you over and over again. If I had to pick someone to break my heart all the times they’ve dented mine, I would choose you to set it on fire and shatter it every time. I would choose you the moment I open my eyes and I would choose you when the alcohol is in my system. I choose you the moment the melatonin knocks me out and I choose you when I am lonely on a rainy day. I choose you when I am frustrated with a research paper and I choose you when I need to bawl over the death of my favorite characters. I will always choose you. And I will still choose you even when you don’t choose me.

Ming D. Liu, I will choose you every single fucking time

(via mingdliu)
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